Public Campsite Terms and Conditions

Public Campsite Terms & Conditions

1.0. Alcohol and Glass Bottles

1.1 In the interest of Public Safety, GLASS BOTTLES ARE NOT PERMITTED within the two Main Show Fields, marked Fields A and B on the site plan. This especially includes all of the Beer Tents, the Outdoor Concert Area and the Fairground.

1.2. Alcohol and Glass Bottles should not be brought in from any of the car parks or any of the campsites onto the two Main Show Fields. Any person(s) attempting to bring Alcohol or Glass Bottles through any of the Pay Gates will either have the alcohol / bottles confiscated or be refused entry.

1.3. Only alcohol purchased on site is to be consumed within the two Main Show Fields. Anyone consuming alcohol in the Beer Tents or Outdoor Concert Area that has not purchased it in these areas will be asked to leave the tent / area concerned.

1.4. Alcohol will only be served to persons aged 18 or over, any person(s) who appear(s) to look under 25 will be required to provide identification for age verification as part of the Challenge 25 Scheme which is adopted on site for all Alcohol sales.

1.5 The maximum size of container for scrumpy cider sales on site is 2 Litres.

2.0 CCTV & Recorded Images

2.1. The Great Dorset Steam Fair show site is protected by Closed Circuit Television, images that are recorded for the purposes of crime prevention and public safety. The scheme is controlled by the Great Dorset Steam Fair Control Room.

2.2. Please be advised that CCTV operates in all areas of the showground for your safety and security 24 hours a day for the duration of the event.

2.3. By entering any area of the Great Dorset Steam Fair Site and or any property used by the Great Dorset Steam Fair Ltd, you consent that your image may be photographed or filmed by the Great Dorset Steam Fair Ltd or by a third party acting for or on behalf of the Great Dorset Steam Fair Ltd, with all photographic and filmed images remaining the property of the Great Dorset Steam Fair Ltd. Furthermore the Great Dorset Steam Fair Ltd reserves the right to share and/or distribute these photographic and/or filmed images for promotional purposes, with Local Authority Agencies and/or any relevant media outlets, as deemed appropriate by Great Dorset Steam Fair Ltd.

2.4. The Great Dorset Steam Fair is working with Dorset Police to provide a safe and secure event for the whole family.  Additional security measures, enhanced CCTV and ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) technology will be in place again this year.


3.1 Great Dorset Steam Fair Ltd prides itself on running a family event. All persons are asked to maintain a high standard of conduct at all times whilst on site.

3.2 Anti-social behaviour will not be tolerated. The Organisers and Security will not tolerate any threatening, abusive or insulting words or mannerisms, or physical abuse to any member of our staff, contractors, exhibitors, traders or patrons. Any person found to be acting in such a manner will be escorted off site and will be banned from attending future shows.

3.3 Any person wishing to enter any area of the Great Dorset Steam Fair Site who is under 18 years of age MUST be supervised by an adult who is aged 21 years or older.

3.4 The Organisers and Security reserve the right to remove any person for being found in possession of any prohibited item or substance; for acting under the influence of alcohol or drugs; for failing when required, to provide proof of identity or age.

3.5 The Organisers & Security reserve the right to confiscate any item, which in their reasonable opinion, may cause danger or disruption to any other persons at the event. Without exception, the following items may not be brought, used or consumed in the two Main Show Fields (marked Fields A and B on the site map): Alcohol (excludes campsites), laser pens; items which may be regarded as weapons; illegal substances; Chinese lanterns; charcoal barbecues; quad bikes; mini motorcycles; golf buggies; utility vehicles. Disabled scooters are permitted but must have the appropriate Road Traffic Act insurance, if applicable.

3.6 You must comply with all instructions given by stewards and Security.

3.7. Help us to continue to maintain a friendly, family atmosphere by reporting any case of anti-social behaviour to Security, the nearest Steward, or an Emergency Contact Point. You may also call the Showground Telephone Helpline for non-emergencies on 01258 690890.

3.8 The Organisers may prosecute if you cause damage to the event site, the event’s infrastructure or cause harm to any other person at the event.


 4.1 Dangerous dogs are not permitted on site. If any dog is deemed to be dangerous, the Organisers and Security reserves the right to ask the owner to remove the dog from the site.

4.2. Dogs are allowed in the Showground but must be kept on leads at all times.

 4.3 Dog waste must be disposed of at designated bins marked “Dog Waste”. Please bring your own dog waste bags.

4.4. Please be aware that the Great Dorset Steam Fair has limited space to exercise your dog. Please make use of the public footpaths in the surrounding area.

4.5. Do not leave your dog in your vehicle, caravan or tent unattended. This particularly applies in hot weather. Please make use of the Dog Crèche in the center of the Showground.

4.6. Although we welcome dogs at the Event we unfortunately cannot permit any other animals in any area of the Great Dorset Steam Fair Site.

5.0 Disabled Scooters

 5.1 Disabled/Mobility Scooters are permitted to be used on site by authorised users only. The law states that a class 2 and class 3 vehicle may only be used by a disabled person. A disabled person in this context is someone with an injury, physical disability or medical condition which means that they are unable to walk or have difficulty in walking.

5.2 All users of Disabled/Mobility Scooters are advised that they should have public liability insurance.

5.3 Class 3 vehicles must be registered with the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency and would be required to have road traffic act insurance to be used on site.

5.4 Powered wheelchairs and scooters MUST NOT travel faster than 4mph in pedestrian areas.

5.5 A Class 3 vehicle may only be used by a disabled person aged 14 or over.

6.0 Enforcement by the Event Organisers & Security

 6.1 The Great Dorset Steam Fair Ltd adopts a three level Enforcement Procedure onsite.

-Level 1 Written Deficiency/Enforcement Notice by the Event Organisers or Security, prescribing a fixed time period to improve any breaches of the Conditions of Entry or to remedy any concerns raised.

-Level 2 Written Temporary Closure of an Area, Activity, Stand, or Pitch by the Event Organisers or Security, for a fixed time period to improve any breaches of the Conditions of Entry or to remedy any concerns raised.

-Level 3 Written Permanent Closure of an Area, Activity, Stand, or Pitch by the Event Organisers or Security, for the duration of the event.

6.2 If the breach of the Conditions of Entry or the raised concern poses a serious and imminent risk to life, then Enforcement Levels 1 and 2 will be bypassed and an Enforcement Level 3 will be implemented. If a combination of three Level 1 or 2 Enforcement Notices are served, then the third notice would be escalated to a Level 3 Enforcement Notice (In effect a three strike policy).

6.3 The Public Camper shall indemnify and hold the Organiser harmless with respect to all claims of, and liability to, loss or damage of any type arising from the Organiser whilst enforcing these Conditions of entry, including but not limited to:

  • During the removal of vehicles, trailers and caravans by the Organiser or Appointed Agent.

Forcible entry into vehicles, trailers and caravans by the Organiser or Appointed Agent, including but not limited to; in the interest of child welfare and/or animal welfare


7.1 You should provide at least one ABC Dry Powder Fire Extinguisher, that is BSEN3 and BS5423 compliant, which has been serviced in accordance BS5306 part 3.

7.2 Where cooking facilities are being used, at least one fire blanket must be provided. When gas rings are used to heat boilers etc, they must be stood on flameproof material which will not transmit heat. Cooking appliances must not be stood directly on grass or stubble.

7.3 No charcoal barbeques or open fires are allowed on site. Any charcoal barbeques or open fires will be extinguished by the Fire Service or Security.

7.4 In the event of a fire please raise the alarm immediately by ringing 999 from a mobile phone and stating your exact location. Please notify a Steward or Security as soon as possible.

7.5 In no circumstances must rubbish be stacked against caravans, tents, vehicles.

7.6 Fire Extinguishers are located in all marquees and at all emergency contact points throughout the showground.

8.0 Holding Lanes

8.1 Any Public Campers arriving between 20.00hrs and 08.00hrs will be held in the Holding Lanes overnight until processing resumes at 08.00hrs. Toilets and Water points are available.

9.0 Liability

9.1 The organiser will not be liable to the customer if the Event is cancelled, curtailed or altered in any way due to any occurrence outside the Organisers control.

9.2. The organiser accepts no liability to the customer for the breach of contract, loss, injury or physical damage of any kind howsoever arising whether by statute or otherwise except where death or injury is caused by the negligence of the Organiser, its agents or servants.

9.3 Great Dorset Steam Fair Ltd will not be liable for any damage caused by adverse weather conditions.

9.4 The Great Dorset Steam Fair Ltd will be held harmless against any financial losses incurred by individuals or parties who breach these “General Terms & Conditions” of entry.


10.1 Petrol generators will be permitted on the campsites with a maximum of 5 litres of Petrol to be stored per generator, providing that it is in a British Standard green plastic petrol can.

10.2 All generators should be moderately sized and must not reach a noise level whereby they become a nuisance to adjacent campers.

10.3 The Organisers and Security will stop the use of any generator if, in their opinion, it is causing a nuisance to others or it is in a dangerous condition.

10.4 All generators must be turned off at 11pm and not be turned on again before 7am.

10.5 The use of generators, televisions, radios, stereos or other equipment that emits excessive noise is banned from 11pm to 7am daily. At other times these must not exceed a moderate noise level.

10.6 Please be respectful of other campers and keep noise to a minimum overnight. Security and Stewards will be monitoring noise levels.


11.1 Parking enforcement action will be taken if vehicles are parked causing an obstruction. Vehicles that are causing an obstruction will be towed away and the owner will be liable for the cost.



 12.1 The following items are prohibited at the Great Dorset Steam Fair on site: knives, crossbows, catapults, Chinese Nite lanterns, non-pressurised wick lanterns, explosives, flares, offensive weapons, all firearms (which include shot guns, air guns, BB guns, replica and toy guns), and any type of ammunition, or fireworks.

12.2 All quad bikes, motorcycles, mini motorcycles and other conversions are prohibited and must not be used on site.

12.3 Any hi-visibility jackets with the names of any utility company such as Wessex Water, BT etc.

12.4 Other than domestic pets, no livestock or animals of any kind whatsoever.

12.5 The organisers reserve the right to demand that any items they deem unsuitable or unsafe be removed from Sale.

12.6 The use of drones, remote control aircraft and other associated flying objects are not permitted.


13.1 The Organisers reserve the right to refuse entry to any vehicle(s) or person(s) without giving reasons. In the event of refusal the organisers will not enter into discussions or correspondence on the subject.

13.2 In the interests of public safety, the Organisers and Security reserve the right to search any vehicle(s) or person(s) entering or exiting the site. All searches will be carried out in line with the Great Dorset Steam Fair Ltd Search Policy. Any person(s) who refuses to be searched will be asked to leave site.

13.3 Any person(s) who refuses to leave site when asked will be escorted off site in-line with the Great Dorset Steam Fair Ltd Ejection Policy.


14.1 The Road Traffic Act applies on site. All vehicles being driven on site must be done so in accordance of this law. All drivers must have a valid Driving License, and all vehicles must have the necessary Insurance and MOT Certificate (where applicable).

14.2 Therefore, all vehicles being driven on site must be compliant with the Road Traffic Act for Insurance and Licensing Purposes, and carry the minimum third party insurance as required by the Road Traffic Act. The Event Organisers reserve the right to inspect Insurance Certificates, MOT Certificates and Driving Licences on demand.


15.1 The Organisers will use their best endeavours to protect the site. Security personnel will patrol the campsites between Sunday 20th & Tuesday 29th August.

15.2 If you see anyone causing trouble please report it as soon as possible to Security or call the Showground Helpline on 01258 690890. Please provide as much information as possible as this will help when dealing with an incident. Please make yourself aware of the location of the nearest 24hr Emergency Contact Point.



16.1 In accordance with Smoke Free (Premises and Enforcement) Regulations 2006 all the Marquees on site will be No Smoking. No Smoking rules must be strictly observed in specified no smoking areas.


The onsite speed limit is 5mph and must be complied with at all times.


18.1 All Public Campers must comply with the traffic control equipment that is used on the showground. Anyone seen failing to comply with the equipment may be asked to leave the showground or not invited back in future years


19.1 If a Public Camper wishes to use two-way radio equipment they must have the appropriate license from Ofcom for their use. The Organisers reserve the right to limit the use of two-way radios on the Showground and request that the Organisers receive frequencies which are to be used at the Show at least one month prior to the Show.

19.2 The Organisers have the right to limit the number of frequencies used. Should a Public Campers frequency interfere with the Organisers own equipment, the Public Camper will be asked to either change frequencies or to cease using the two-way radio equipment. The Public Camper will produce their licence to the Organisers if so requested.


20.1 The unauthorised connection to any site services and utilities is strictly prohibited and may result in your removal from site. This includes, but is not limited to, the unauthorised connection to site provided: electrical installations, water supplies and internet connections.


21.1 The onsite speed limit is 5mph and must be complied with at all times.

21.2 Vehicle movement must be kept to a minimum at all times.

21.3 Vehicle movements are restricted on show days, a Vehicle Curfew will be in place in the two Main Show Fields (marked Fields A and B on the map) between 10.00hrs to 17.00hrs on the showground and between 09.00hrs to 18.00hrs in the Trade Area. Only essential site vehicles displaying the appropriate pass and Emergency Vehicles will be permitted to move during these times.

21.4 All roadways must be kept clear of stationary vehicles for emergency access; any vehicle blocking a roadway will be removed.

21.5 Should you leave the site during your stay, you may re-enter with your vehicle between the hours of 6am and 1am. If you return to the site between 1am and 6am, you will be held in a holding lane.

21.6 Vehicle movement on the campsites is prohibited except to enter and exit the campsite. Vehicles must not be driven around the campsites to use facilities such as the showers, shops etc. Any vehicles driving around the campsite will be stopped by security.

21.7 If you have purchased an item from within the showground that you need collecting please visit the Show Office.

Do not attempt to drive onto the showground, if you have purchased an item we will deliver it to you.


 22.1 NO VANS, TRUCKS OR LORRIES of any description will be permitted on the pre-paid campsites. You must not book pre-paid camping if you have one of these vehicles as you will be refused admission without refund in all cases.

22.2 Only professionally manufactured/converted motorhomes and campervans will be allowed on the pre-paid campsites.