Stunt Displays

We are delighted to welcome International Big Pete Monster Truck Display Team, The White Helmets Motorcycle Display Team and The Kangaroo Kid as our performers in this year’s Stunt Arena. We are sure visitors will enjoy the thrilling entertainment provided by these superb display teams. All teams will be performing twice per day on Thursday 24th August to Saturday 26th August, three times on Sunday 27th August and twice on Bank Holiday Monday 28th August. Please check Arena 2 timetable for specific times.  
International Big Pete Monster Truck Display Team

International Big Pete is the UK’s number one Monster Truck team providing a unique approach to monster truck displays. Their spectacular and exciting shows have captivated crowds at many high profile events across the UK and Europe for over 30 years.

This thrilling display includes racing, car crushing, a tug of war where a car is pulled in two plus an amusing yet informative commentary from the driver throughout.

The Royal Signals Motorcycle Display Team – The White Helmets

The White Helmets who are all part of the Army and, in particular, the Royal Corps of Signals have been recognised by many commentators as the oldest, most well known and most accomplished motorcycle display team in the world. The White Helmets display is a mixture of unique feats of balance, skill and coordination and high impact high speed cross over rides. This is not to mention the Fire Jump, Car Jump and the Reverse Riders.

The display is very exciting. It requires the highest levels of concentration, discipline and teamwork. During the cross over rides closing speeds of up to 60mph can be achieved with only the smallest margins between the machines. The White Helmets conduct displays all over the UK and Europe and are based at Blandford Army Camp, Blandford Forum, literally a stones throw away from The Great Dorset Steam Fair Showground!

The Kangaroo Kid

Matt Coulter, the Kangaroo Kid, is a world class stuntman from Brisbane, Australia. His stunts are performed on Quad Bikes. He has created many “Guinness Book of Records” records – amongst them jumping 14 4 x 4 Jeeps and 4 moving 4 x 4 Jeeps.

After a four year break from his famous stunt show that made him famous all over the world, The Kangaroo Kid made his comeback to the UK show circuit in 2013. This time bringing with him his Joey (Sam Coulter). The two stunt riders performed at over fifty different events in 2013 & 2014, bringing in record crowds.

The act includes stunts using a quad-bike specially fitted with a roll cage and he finishes the show with a spectacular jump over anything that is put in his path, be it cars, trucks or tractors (Matt has even jumped a flying aeroplane).

The Kangaroo Kids showmanship captures the crowd and keeps them captivated for the duration of their performance.

Using a microphone in his helmet that is linked to the show’s main PA system, the Kangaroo Kid keeps the crowd informed with a witty commentary, while displaying incredible skill and agility manoeuvring his selection of quad bikes around the arena. His many T.V. appearances include ‘You Bet’, ‘Great Escapes’, ‘The Big Breakfast’, ‘Don’t Try This At Home’ and ‘Guinness World Records’.