Trophies Awarded To Great Dorset Steam Fair Exhibitors

Photo: Rob Oliver, Peter Sewell, Ciaran Chisnell, Colin Chisnell and Martin Oliver

Monday 29th August 2016 – Trophies were awarded to exhibitors on the final day of the Great Dorset Steam Fair 2016 in presentation ceremonies throughout the day.

Managing Director Martin Oliver congratulated winners in Steam Heavy Haulage, Diesel Heavy Haulage and Steam Rollers.

Over 200 working steam engines were on display at the show with around 2,000 other working exhibits. More than 200 tonnes of coal were used during the five-day event.

Best Steam Wagon – Heavy Haulage

The Jim Hutchens Memorial Cup for Best Steam Wagon was awarded to Mike Dreelan from Aberdeen. His Foden Speed 6, O Type 6-Ton Undertype Steam Wagon and Foden Speed 12, Q Type 6-Ton Undertype Steam Wagon are the only ones of their kind and Mike has spent years restoring them.

Mike said: “I would like to say thank you to everyone here for a fantastic reception. I always said I would bring them here when they were finished and I am really pleased to receive this award.”

Best In Section – Diesel Heavy Haulage

The winner of the Best In Section Trophy for Diesel Heavy Haulage was Peter Sewell from Bishop Auckland in County Durham with his 1979 Scammell Amazon.

Peter said: “It’s my first year as a visitor or exhibitor and I can’t believe how enormous it is. I have exhibited at a couple of local shows in the past but the steam fair is something else.”

Section Leader Colin Chisnell said: “This exhibit is brand new to Diesel Heavy Haulage and it has had a really good restoration job. Not only is it well maintained and looked after, but Peter has also got stuck in and involved with the section and we have been pleased to have him here.”

Best Working Exhibit – Steam Rollers

The Arthur Field Memorial Cup for Best Working Exhibit was awarded to Graham Avery, who brought the family Aveling & Porter 6NHP 10-Ton Roller.

Section Leader Rob Rymer said that the award was well deserved after all the years of work the family had put into restoring and maintaining it.

Graham said: “I want to mention my Dad Alec Avery, as this roller has been in the family for 22 years and we have both worked on it together. We enjoy doing the road making at the Great Dorset Steam Fair every year as it’s a great chance to work the roller in the way it would have been used back in the day. The whole principle of this show is to celebrate great working steam and that’s what I love about it.”

Built in 1924, the Aveling & Porter 6NHP 10-Ton Roller was purchased by the Averys in 1994 and restored over six years. The engine has had a new firebox and mechanical works including re-boring of the cylinder block. It has also received a full repaint.