Floral Art To Celebrate The 50th Great Dorset Steam Fair

9th September 2018 – Martin Oliver was presented with this beautiful piece of floral art from Ashville Design to mark the 50th show this year.

Jackie Nicholls from Ashville Design said: “I was absolutely thrilled to be invited to this wonderful event. Even more so in a year when a Guinness World record was achieved.

“My family all love steam engines. In times gone by, unbelievably my grandmother used to drive one. Despite normally being a very stylish lady with hair and clothes ‘just so’, I have fond memories of her in oily overalls – covered from head to toe in soot and looking more like a chimney sweep than a glamorous grandmother!

“As I wanted to commemorate this 50th Anniversary event with something unique, I decided to make a floral design for Martin to hang in the Great Dorset Steam Fair office so  the staff will always remember what a truly fabulous occasion it was.”