Entertainment & Variety Shows

Situated amongst our vast entertainment area encompassing the majestic Showman’s engine line-up, old time steam funfair and music festival venues, you will find a wonderful array of original variety act shows and fairground organs from the Victorian and early 1900’s eras, unrivalled at any other event in the UK .

Let your senses be awakened, listen to the sounds and marvel at the sights of these incredible acts and exhibits, taking you back in time to the days of yesteryear!

Three of the largest fairground organs at the show are fronted by old time dancing stage shows where traditional Victorian and 1920’s style ‘Can Can’ dancing girls perform. Live on stage will be the Saunders Stage Dancers, the Passion Dance Troupe from Northampton and the Julie Hatton Dancers from Scarborough. Come along and experience these vibrant, colourful shows and join in with the fun. Dancers, Singers, Concerts, Tribute Acts, Illusionists, Comedians are all once again billed for this year! Bring your dancing shoes along and if you can do the Can Can!
Dean Organ Builders are pleased to present this wonderful exhibition and stage show based on the Bioscope Shows that travelled the fair grounds from the late 1890’s to just after the First World War. This show demonstrates clearly how fairground organs and elaborate show fronts were used to promote moving pictures, the fore runner to the cinema as we know it today. Throughout the duration of the Great Dorset Steam Fair, Dean Organ Builders will be ‘putting on’ a moving picture show within the Bioscope and therefore you can experience what it was like in those early days to see a black and white film show as they were intended. This exhibition only travels to the Great Dorset Steam Fair each year and therefore it is a unique experience not to be missed.

A fairground show in which a motorcyclist uses gravitational force to ride around the inside walls of a vertical cylinder. Thrills spills and chills-the number one motorbike stunt show with tricks and stunts on original 1920’s Indian Scouts, Go karts and vintage honda’s. A spectacular daredevil show for all the family! Owned by Ken & Julie Fox, as seen on Channel 4’s “Guy Martin Wall Of Death Live”.
The Grand Palace of Entertainment is the only travelling theatre of its kind left in the world. Designed and built to the specifications of 19th century travelling theatres, it provides a unique and highly adaptable vintage setting for special occasions, from gigs, comedy and theatre, themed parties to promotional events. At the Great Dorset Steam Fair the venue is adapted to house a traditional and respected “Freak Show”. A freak show is an exhibition of performers and their distinctive talents that are expected to be unusual to the viewers. The Great Dorset Steam Fair look forward to welcoming back this popular show.
The instruments that you will see at the show are mainly fairground organs which were originally built up inside the various fairground rides of the early 1900’s. You will see instruments of all sizes around the site with some of the largest putting on shows to entertain you as you walk around the showground. All in all, the Great Dorset Steam Fair has the largest collection of organs gathered in one place, it most certainly is the biggest gathering in the World at any one time – a collection of over 40 in all! While you take in the music remember that you will be listening to live music from a time that most of the planet has long forgotten!