Did You Know?

Some Interesting Statistics!

    • – At over 600 acres, the showground is one of Europe’s largest outdoor event locations.
    • – With 1,000 trade stands, 2,000 exhibitors and their families, together with our campers on the public campsites (5,000 caravans and tents) it is estimated that the population living on site amounts to 25,000 people at any one time.
    • – Total number of people expected to see the show is in excess of 200,000.
    • – To cope with the large crowds the show brings in around 700 portable toilets and has to dispose of around 76,000 gallons of effluent!
    • – Around 200 tonnes of rubbish is taken away each year!
    • – Each year there are more than 300 paid staff and volunteers working during the five-day show period.
    • – Each year we have 360,000 promotional brochures, 65,000 car window stickers and 65,000 posters printed. These are printed 9 months before the show and then distributed over the next few months all around the UK and to overseas destinations.
    • – Due to planning regulations, we have a total of just 28 days to turn a working farm into a major event showground, to hold the event itself and then to clear the site afterwards (back to a working farm).
    • – Over 2 miles of water piping is laid and over 3,100,000 litres of water is used during the show each year! 2,100,000 litres are used by the steam engines alone, along with 1,000,000 litres used for domestic and drinking purposes.
    • – Over 10 miles of electric cable are used with over 100 floodlights erected and 200 socket outlets placed. 30 large generators have to be hired each year and just one generator is powerful enough to supply electricity to a small village. Electricity has to be provided to 6 entertainment areas, 4 shower blocks, other marquees and to our administration and emergency services centre.
    • – Each year over 200 tonnes of steam coal are used!
    • – 80 tonnes of wood will be cut in this year’s woodsawing section.
    • – 16 acres of corn is cut each year before the show begins, by an old time binder, with 6 large corn ricks then erected in readiness for the threshing demonstrations. The reed from the demonstrations is then sold to local thatchers who use it on thatched cottages all over Dorset and the neighbouring counties.
    • – 2,700 6ft high heras metal fences are used to secure the perimeter of the 600 acre show site.
    • – The on-site Medical Centre deals with an average of 500 cases each year ranging from a wasp sting to a broken leg.
    • – To secure B&B or hotel accommodation locally for Steam Fair week, you need to book early as by the end of June little is left and the nearest available is 20 miles away in Poole, Bournemouth or Salisbury.