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Working Vintage Tractors

The Great Dorset Steam Fair provides ample opportunity to see these fantastic tractors at work, whether the implement is a simple trailed plough or hay rake; a baler or hay tedder worked by the power take off shaft (we’d best leave out the slurry-spreader!); or a hydraulically-mounted plough, drag or inter-row cultivator. Older tractors were also equipped to belt-drive machinery like threshing drums, grinding mills and saw benches in exactly the same way as their steam-powered ancestors. Enjoy over 120 exhibits on show.

Static Vintage Tractors

Enjoy a superb selection of vintage tractors, from every corner of the British Isles. These tractors are displayed in a static display but do parade in the Arena everyday. There are over 150 tractors in this section.

Horticultural Tractors

These are the small tractors and rotavators generally found in market gardens or nurseries. Over 100 exhibits will be on display ‘working’ the ground.

Tractor Pulling

Great fun for spectators, the idea is to see which tractor can pull the weighted sledge the farthest, or in the shortest time over a measured distance. At the start of the pull, the weights are at the back of the sledge over the wheels. As the sledge is pulled forward the weights move towards the front thus increasing the downward pressure on the runners. Therefore it can be seen that as the sledge moves forward the resistance to being pulled is greater. Modern competitive tractor pulling utilises very special highly developed tractors, some even with aero engines. Over 60 tractors, both old and more modern, will be taking part in this section that has become increasingly popular at the show in recent years.

Working Vintage & Classic Plant

In the Working Vintage and Classic Plant section there is a very wide range of machines on display, both small and large, from old 1930’s to a more recent 1980’s classic. Many of these exhibits are not only new to the Great Dorset Steam Fair but have also not been seen on any showfield before.

You will see both tracked and wheeled types including loading shovels, crawlers, diggers, bulldozers and dumpers.


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