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Veteran, Vintage Cars & Caravans

The Great Dorset Steam Fair is always privileged to welcome a wide range of veteran, vintage and classic cars, particularly exhibiting examples from the dawn of motoring up to the 1960’s/early 1970’s. These are brought to Dorset from all over the UK and abroad by their enthusiastic owners. Over 100 cars will be on display this year.

There is a daily parade of cars in the main ring that is really popular with visitors. Coupled with the caravans on the site they’re sure to bring back happy memories of days gone by. Many makes of car are displayed – here you will see history in motion- a moving picture of the development of car vehicle manufacture in the UK. Walk among them, which you are welcomed to do, as they stand on display between parades, you could easily come face to face with reminders of times past, those memories special to you.

Classic Cars

We are considering a new section for the 2020 Great Dorset Steam Fair, the introduction of a Classic Car Section. As a show we are always looking to evolve and for many years we have been asked to consider the progression and inclusion of a Classic Car Section. We wish to revisit the youth of some visitors and highlight the classic era. We now feel the time is right and look forward to adding another section to the show’s rich tapestry.

Commercial Vehicles

At the Great Dorset Steam Fair nearly 400 commercial vehicles, great and small, are on display – bearing a wide selection of familiar names in British road haulage. Names of manufacturers and operators that bring back memories of days past and almost forgotten, when British lorries and workmanship served the transport needs of the nation and beyond.

Minor LCV Register

LCV stands for Light Commercial Vehicles, hence the Minor LCV Register specialises in all forms of the commercial variant of the humble Morris Minor, the Minor Vans and Minor Pick-ups. In 1992 the LCV Register was founded to actively promote the saving and restoration of these classic commercials and since 1993 the Minor LCV Register has exhibited at the show.

Diesel Heavy Haulage

Alongside the steam road “locos” in the Heavy Haulage Arena, you will see the display of the more modern diesel heavy haulage featuring some of the biggest internal combustion engine haulage lorries built. When coupled to the huge loaded trailers in the arena, the diesel heavy haulage lorries give an amasing demonstration of strength and power.

Vintage Veteran & Classic Motorcycles

Motorcycles are as much an important part of the country’s engineering heritage as traction engines, tractors and other working vehicles and equipment that visitors can also see at the Great Dorset Steam Fair. Not only did they transport Britons to their places of work; motorcycles also served as working vehicles themselves. At this year’s show it is possible to see a large number of machines from what were once leading manufacturers. Numbers of motorcycle exhibits will be in excess of 140!

Military Vehicles

Preserved Military vehicles have attended the Great Dorset Steam Fair since the earliest days. Here you will find a vast range of over 100 military machines including tanks, trucks, jeeps and motorcycles.


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